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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Rebel Bride - Civil War Brides Series, Book #5

RELEASE DATE, JUNE 1st, 2011. If you sign up for my mailing list, you'll get a sneak peak in May. Check out my website and click on the envelope next to the Twitter symbol.

Victoria Carrington is a small town southern debutante who is accepted into college in Chicago. Her roommate goes missing, and Victoria’s family is convinced she is in danger. Alone and somewhat irritated by the FBI’s forced protection, she throws herself into her passion, photography.

Her photography studio is housed in an historic building. While she is there one afternoon, she is led to a room that does not appear to have been touched in 100 years. She finds an old hand tinted Ambrotype of a soldier buried in a stack of paintings. As she is staring at his face, her world begins to spin.

Quincy Butler is trapped in a hell he could never have imagined. Fighting yet another battle in The War Between the States, he is shocked to encounter a woman on the field. When she begins to speak to him, he realizes she is southern, and assumes she is the enemy.

His intention to apprehend and take her to his superiors is cut short however, when he is shot and wounded.

As Victoria tends to Quincy’s injuries, will she be able to convince him to trust her?

When she is kidnapped by a mad man, will Quincy save her before she is lost to him forever?

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  1. Yup - I want this one, too! Date marked on calendar. Thanks!