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Monday, January 24, 2011

Editor, Schmeditor? I think not!

So, I've been doing this writing thing for a little while now. About two years...and just when I think I've given my editor something she isn't really going to need to edit, BAM, she edits the crap out of it.

So, a little back-story. In June 2008, I thought I'd write a little story. Six novels poured out of me in eight-months (some of you have heard this story, so I won't spell out the nitty-gritty).

My amazing, wonderful, couldn't-be-any-more-brutally-honest, editor has Book #4, The Bride Ransom in her hands, and I'm thinking, it's book #4, I'm on a roll, and she and I are sympatico...it's great.


Book #4 was one of the first books I ever wrote, and since then I've learned a lot! So, when I went back to edit it toward the end of last year, I thought, ew, this is really rough...delete...delete...delete.

I ended up deleting 11,000 words from that ms...my editor asked for a phone call. Uh-oh, what did I do wrong? Principal's office.

She said, "There's too much here to type, so I thought I'd just tell you my thoughts."

ROTFLMAO! Well, not really, but it was minorly hysterical laughter.

I'd deleted so much in an effort to tighten the story and writing, that there were parts that I'd left in that now no longer make sense.

Good catch, editor-lady!

So, these are the moments when I am reminded that although I might be prolific, I most-definitely type faster than I think, and it takes a strong lady who can pull my scattered thoughts together and help me finalize a GREAT story!

If you have an editor - hug them today. 'Cause we'd be lost without them!

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  1. Did this happen before or after your Pre-Editor saw it? I don't recall anything not making sense.