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Friday, May 31, 2013


Hi everyone!

It has been an exciting month!

*  The final Civil War Brides book goes to the editor tomorrow (cover reveal soon!);
*  Bound by Blood, Cauld Ane Series, Book #1 is free everywhere for download. Get it at Amazon, B&N, and anywhere e-books are sold;  

*  I had the extreme honor of working with my close friend Amanda Washington to get her book, Rescuing Liberty ready for re-release. It's available at Smashwords and if you like dystopian romance, you will love this book! Watch for it at Amazon, B&N and everywhere else in the coming weeks.
As we move into summer, I'm offering up a free download of the brand new Civil War Brides book as soon as it's released. If you are unlike me, you probably love summer...I'm dreading it, but that's why God invented air-conditioning!

With that being said, you have two ways to enter the contest:
  1. Email me at kiwi44@comcast.net and tell me your favorite thing about summer;
  2. Leave a review for one of my books (Civil War Brides or Cauld Ane), at Amazon, B&N or Goodreads (be sure to tell me where you leave it!)
Leaving a review will earn you 2 entries. Contest ends June 5th!

Hope you have a great summer, everyone!


  1. Got this for free on my Nook....LOVED IT!!! I was a bit intimidated when I saw 686 pages but OH. MY. Could not put it down and was done in a day. You have soared to the top of my favorite authors list! I bought the Cauld Ane #2 book as well as the first of the Civil War Brides. So in love with these books!!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! :) Be sure to sign up on my mailing list for a chance to win the third book when it releases! ;) www.traceyjanejackson.com