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Monday, June 13, 2011


I am laid up after surgery, which means I'm looking for ways to entertain myself.

How about a contest?

There are three ways to enter:

1. Go to Amazon, B&N, Borders or Goodreads and leave a review for one of the books you've read in the Civil War Brides Series...(let me know where you left your review);
2. "Like" my author page at Facebook (if you haven't already) and leave a comment (for legal reasons, know that FB is not endorsing this contest, so be stealth in your responses);
3. Email me back and give me your name and email address;

And if you do all three, I'll enter you three times! Also, since we need to be stealth with FB comments, I'll give an additional entry to the person who makes me laugh out loud.

Five lucky winners will win a free download of one of the books in the Civil War Brides Series from Smashwords!

Tracey Jane Jackson


  1. Another great opporunity, Tracey! Sorry that you are laid up, but glad that you are bored - that should mean that you are on the mend!! Be careful about the LOL stuff - could end up hurting! :O)

  2. Hope your feeling a lot better with each day you are home.

    I love your books and the wait between releases always seems like forever! I explained on your Facebook page why I'm not writing review so I hope you'll forgive me my lack of literry skill

  3. hope you are recouping better now