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Monday, February 28, 2011

Christian Review

Okay folks, this weekend was an eye-opening experience. As a Christian writing fiction, I have found it challenging to straddle the line between my beliefs and fun, entertaining stories with an edge. I have always considered myself to be a bit like the band, U2...a Christian in a band, not a Christian band, and have approached my writing that way.

I love romance...in my life, in my books, in my head. So on Saturday, I met this wonderful college student who has a blog and does reviews for Christian fiction. Only Christian fiction.

She graciously agreed to do a review for me of The Bride Price. I have wondered how my books would fare in the Christian realm, so I was anxious to see the result.

She finished in one day!

Amber said, "Wow! It was hard to step away from the computer once I started reading this--I finished it in one day! :) Very entertaining!"

So, head on over to Amber's blog, Seasons of Humility, and check out her review.

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